What can and can't I edit on my uConnect platform?

In general, most content on Community pages can be edited by admin users! On Communities, from under the Manage>Communities section of your dashboard, you'll be able to add a description into a Community page, in addition to a header image.

Using your Publish tab in the backend, you'll also be able to tag new content, such as blogs, jobs, events, etc. onto any given Community of your choice to have it display on the front end where you've identified.

The items most commonly requested that a member of the uConnect team will just need to assist you in editing are menu and widget changes.

What does this entail?

Menu Changes:

There's a universal main navigation that appears at the top of every platform directly below the header space, like in the screenshot below.

If you'd like to add or remove a menu item, update a menu's link, or change any language in the menu, a member of the uConnect team will just need to update that for you! You can put in a request for this by emailing support@gouconnect.com, and a team member would be happy to help!

Another type of menu, the hero navigation, which appears below the banner space on your homepage (shown below) will also just need to be updated by a member of the uConnect team. This includes any button color changes, removals/additions, text size updates, order of buttons, and language changes. Feel free to message support@gouconnect.com as well about this, and we can take care of that for you!

Community navigations, or menus that appear below the banner image in Communities (see the image below) will also be edited by the uConnect team. If you ever need to change the language here, add/remove a menu item, update the color of buttons, or change the order of buttons, feel free to contact support@gouconnect.com.

Widget Changes:

Lastly, a widget change, or a change to a section that works to dynamically feed in a specific content type, needs to be made by the uConnect team.

For example, in the below screenshot you'll see a Community page with three widgets or sections: one for videos, another for employers, and the last for experiences. If you ever want to edit the order the sections appear in, update the title of the sections (i.e. change 'featured videos' to 'videos'), or add/remove a new section of content, a uConnect support member can make any changes for you. As always, feel free to contact support@gouconnect.com.

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