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Include custom categories in your PeopleGrove integration
Include custom categories in your PeopleGrove integration

Learn how you can integrate custom categorizations from PeopleGrove into uConnect, to inform curation of your mentor network.

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What are custom categories?

Custom categories are the unique tags and labels you've created in PeopleGrove to segment your mentor network. The one-click integration process outlined in our instruction article here includes standard categories. Those standard categories are:

  • Expertise

  • Major

To bring in additional custom categories (for instance, affinity groups), follow the directions below!

Filter users and select fields.

1. Go to Explore Users, use filters to specify the end user population you wish to track:

  • Approved: Approved

  • User Type: Alum, Faculty or Staff Member (depending on which population you'd like to pull)

  • Visibility: Public

2. Add columns to determine what data you want to export, and create a report. For your report, the following fields are required except for those that are marked as optional below:

  • PeopleGrove ID

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email (optional)

  • Headline

  • User Type

  • Location (optional)

  • About

  • Expertise

  • Education history (optional)

  • Work history (optional)

  • Major(s)

  • Industries

  • Current company

  • Current job title

You should have 14 Active columns, matching the following screenshots:

In addition, this is where you would select the custom categories that you would like to include.

3. Save the report. You can now pull this report into the 'Custom Report' option outlined in the initial instructions, here.

Best Practice: Sharing Reports

When creating a custom report, we recommend that you share the visibility with any important admins on your team or institution. Although other admins will only receive view access, they can still see and create duplicate custom reports. This is important because is an admin is removed or moves on from the institution, the custom report created for you is still accessible by others.

If you have any questions, please contact PeopleGrove Support!

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