Considerations When Requesting a URL Change

Changing the public URL/Domain of a uConnect client site does require some scheduled downtime to complete. This work involves an initial change by the client’s IT team, that uConnect's Customer Support Engineer can provide guidance on once connected with the appropriate IT lead and a URL is selected. uConnect will then work to complete the remaining updates and ensure your new domain is taken live.

While the technical work usually takes less than an hour to complete, there are multiple moving parts involved with these changes. We recommend planning around 4 hours from start to finish to ensure all technical changes are made without issue and can be confirmed by both sides.

Note: If a client is utilizing Single Sign-On, a final change will need to be made by the client's IT team to ensure SSO continues to work following the URL update.

To Request a URL Change

  • Please contact uConnect support ( with a request indicating the desire to change the site URL, including all details regarding the new domain.

  • Be able to provide a few times with at least a 4-hour downtime window is available to process the change.

  • Please plan to provide contact information for IT personnel from the your organization who can be available via email if any technical coordination is needed during the change window.

Once a time is agreed upon by both sides, uConnect technical personnel will be available to complete the follow-up work following the DNS changes being initiated by the client's IT teams. See below for information on which IT personnel should be available to assist with the change.

Client IT Personnel

  • Platform URL Update - Systems or Networking personnel able to submit internal DNS changes

  • If Single Sign-On is enabled - Systems or Identity Management personnel who can process updated SP Metadata

Additional Note: This time window is not inclusive of any additional branding changes that may need to be made following a URL change. If there are branding updates or expected modifications to any major visual elements, please communicate these needs ahead of time and we will work to schedule additional resources to complete these requests.

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