With Handshake job and event RSS feeds, you have the ability to feed tailored jobs and events directly into your uConnect Communities, allowing students to easily find relevant content that matches their interests in one central place!

This type of Handshake feed configuration also allows you to auto-publish your Handshake content, so that you don't have to re-approve any content while feeding in fresh job and event content directly to your platform.

What’s even better is that by adding different Handshake feeds, jobs and events can be tailored to each of your Communities as well as to your Job and Event Categories. For example, a student can visit your Finance Community, and see only Finance-specific jobs, or a student can filter by Full-time Jobs from your Job landing page, to only see the type of opportunity that they’re looking for.

When creating your feeds, we recommend first thinking about the type of job or event you’re hoping to promote. Is for example, the job an internship, part-time job, full-time position, etc.? For every category of opportunity you can think of, you’ll want to make sure you have a feed set up for that category corresponding to a Community (i.e. an Arts and Entertainment feed for full-time positions, another Arts and Entertainment feed for part-time positions, etc.).

For events, you can create a career fairs, info sessions, and workshops feed as well for the 'Finance' industry, for the 'Healthcare' industry, and for the 'STEM' industry, for a total of 9 feeds altogether again.

We recommend following these instructions to generate a job or event RSS feed. The most effective way to set up feeds is to create at least three feeds for each existing Industry/Community on your uConnect platform: one for each main type of opportunity. For example, for jobs, you can create a full-time, part-time, and internship feed for the 'Finance' industry, for the 'Healthcare' industry, and for the 'STEM' industry, for a total of 9 feeds altogether.

Setting up feeds that correspond to each Community on your platform, in addition to the category they relate to (full-time, part-time, remote) , allows platform visitors to quickly find the content they need. Of course, creating curated Handshake Job and Event feeds also allows you to scale your work, by saving you time!

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