Why integrate with LinkedIn Learning?

Understand the value of curating skill-building courses into your virtual career center.

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Why integrate with LinkedIn Learning?

Integrating with LinkedIn Learning makes it easy to showcase important skill-building courses for students and alumni directly within your virtual career center, alongside curated internships, jobs, alumni mentors, professionals clubs and organizations, and more. Featuring courses from LinkedIn Learning within your Communities helps platform visitors make connections between both hard and soft skills, and their long-term career goals.

Designed to empower our career services partners to curate skill-building content to students and alumni, LinkedIn Learning is a product of the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, and provides students and employees across the world with over 13,000 on-demand courses in computer software, business skills, and creative skills from industry experts.

Having LinkedIn Learning courses in the hands of career offices and faculty also enables a stronger support system for students that are in all different stages of their career journey.

For uConnect partners, the courses will be available directly within the admin dashboard from under Publish > Classes, and are able to be auto-tagged to relevant Communities, making the courses quick to publish and maintenance free!

Selecting a course's content from within uConnect will even drive students directly to their LinkedIn Learning portal, helping to increase engagement with targeted skill development frequently and seamlessly.

It's important that students have access to such high impact resources, in order to review in-demand skills and prepare for the job market. Alumni can learn new skills as well, helping to grow their resume and take the next step in their career exploration journey.

If you’d like to submit your LinkedIn Learning credentials, please fill out our secure form here and we'd be happy to help!

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