On occasion, you may come across valuable career or job search advice in the form of an article or blog post published online by a third party source.

It's important to share this content with your audience, by giving proper credit and linking out to the original source. This article will walk you through how to feature blog content published by an external blog provider.

One item to note before getting started is that we're always looking to expand our content partnerships, and if have sources that you find yourself wanting to pull from on a regular basis, please feel free to submit those through our secure form here, so we can look into forming a formal partnership and automating those feeds into our external blog library.

In the meantime, to post a blog from an external site, you'll want to make sure you have explicit permission from the author of the post to add the article.

If you are given permission from the source's author to repost the article on uConnect, we recommend writing 1-2 sentences describing the topic of the article as a blog post from under Publish>Blogs>Add New, and then linking out to the original site for the user to read the full article.

With this approach, it's clear that you're not in any way trying to replicate the article, or take credit for it's content, and you're simply promoting it as a relevant blog for your users to then click out to and read.

For a featured image for these posts, many of our partners pull relevant images from this free stock photo library so again, as not to worry about copyright issues.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team by emailing support@gouconnect.com!

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