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Instructions for integrating with LinkedIn Learning
Instructions for integrating with LinkedIn Learning

Set up your LinkedIn Learning Integration.

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Integration with the LinkedIn Learning API allows the uConnect team to feed valuable skill-building courses into your platform. The courses from LinkedIn Learning will be wrapped around relevant jobs, articles, mentors, student organizations, blog posts, labor market data, and other valuable content, enabling students to make connections between career advancement and employment through skill development.

In order to get this set up, the primary LinkedIn Learning admin at your school can generate an API Client ID and API Client Secret that are required for configuring this integration and feeding courses into your uConnect platform. The primary LinkedIn Learning admin at your school needs to complete the following process to generate a new API key:

  1. From Learning Management, click Me.

  2. Select Integrate from the dropdown.

  3. Click Access content and reports via API Application Provision on the left rail.

  4. From the Generate LinkedIn Learning REST API Application section, click Add Application and enter the following information:

  • Application Name: uConnect Integration

    Application Description

5. Select the following key:

  • Content

6. Click Generate application.

  • Client Id and Client Secret tokens will be immediately created and available in the Applications section below.

Once you have compiled this information please submit through the form below:

Please contact your LinkedIn Learning Customer Success Manager if you need more support on generating the API key. If this is the first time you are using LinkedIn Learning you can immediately generate new unique API keys for Learning by accepting the electronic Learning API agreement, available within Learning Management.

If you Don’t Know Who Your LinkedIn Learning Customer Success Manager is:

  1. Outreach your IT department to try and find out who the owner/administrator is for the account

  2. If you still unable to identify the correct person, search in Google your institution name and the words “LinkedIn Learning” to try and find your dedicate institution page where hopefully you’ll see the owner/administrator listed

  3. If that doesn’t work, outreach your uConnect customer success manager and ask them to follow up with the uConnect partnerships department

Once this information is retrieved, a member of the uConnect team will need to plug in the API Client ID and API Client Secret into your uConnect platform. After this is plugged in, we'll work with you to configure your integration's mapping or assign what categories of courses you'd like to pull into related uConnect Communities.

By default, once configured, information will pull into the Classes Content Type on uConnect for everything within your LinkedIn Learning instance. This can be as many as tens of thousands courses, but if you'd like to have a smaller amount feed in, we can also set the integration to pull in only one year of courses to limit the amount retrieved.

Once configured, the fields that will pull over include a title, description, URL, post date, image URL, and professor name.

For questions, please feel free to contact

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