As you're scrolling through your platform, you may notice different call to actions in your widgets or sections of content that work to feed your valuable resources into the platform.

Many of these read 'Read More'.

See the example below of a 'Read More' button on a blogs widget:

As you scroll on the front end of the platform, you may see many 'Read More' buttons next to your recent posts.

For accessibility purposes and screen readers, there is an aria-label attribute (in the html code) with a more descriptive text for screen readers on these 'Read More' call to actions. This would be something that all screen readers can detect in the code and read, so it has more information and is more descriptive than just saying 'Read More.'

If you have any specific questions regarding accessibility, we're always happy to help! Please feel free to message with any questions, and a team member will be happy to assist!

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