Within pages and Communities, you have the option to format text using the custom formatting tool bar shown below:

As you can see in the above image, this tool bar is located directly above the description section in a page or Community, and can be found when navigating to Manage>Communities and selecting any existing Community, or Publish>Pages, and clicking an existing custom page.

The purpose of this tool bar is to help you organize information in a clear and easy-to-manage way for front-end users.

Elements of the tool bar:

From left to right, here are the function(s) of each button located in the custom tool bar:

B: The 'B' button allows you to bold any text you've selected

I: The 'I' option lets you italicize selected information

U: 'U' allows users to underline specific text

Paragraph: Selecting 'paragraph' from the tool bar area provides you with a dropdown of text sizes to choose from, which can be helpful when adding headers and increasing the visibility of certain sections

Text alignment: The 'text alignment' button directly to the right of 'Paragraph,' allows you to make selected parts of your description right-aligned, centered, or left-aligned

Bullets: Selecting the 'bullets' option allows you to insert a bulleted list to help make information easily digestible and formatted in an appealing way for users

Numbered list: Clicking on the 'numbered list' button allows you to list information in steps, or provide a number format to break up text

Link: Selecting 'link' lets you paste an external website's URL, or link to specific page/site within the body of your text

Remove Link: Clicking the 'Remove Link' option can delete any link you've added/highlighted, and allows you to insert a new link after

Paste as Text: This option enables you to paste information over as plain text

Clear Formatting: If you'd like to remove all custom formatting, select the text in the description section, followed by the custom formatting option, to remove all updates made to size, text alignment, etc.

Undo and Redo: Selecting the undo and redo options can help to either remove the most recent change/update to your text if a mistake was made, or add a recent change/update back if it was accidentally removed

GIF Search: Click the 'GIF search' option to type in a key word or search a library of GIFs to help break up any static text in your description, adding a fun graphic to engage platform visitors

Emojis: Choose the 'Emojis' button if you want to add a digital image to express an idea or emotion

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