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What is the difference between pending and autopublishing content?
What is the difference between pending and autopublishing content?

Learn about the process for approving automatically featuring content.

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Auto-publishing content is the ideal workflow for any integration. It automatically ensures that any imported and tagged content pulled in from an integration (for example Handshake, Symplicity, etc.). is published to the front-end of the uConnect platform, without any approval required from admin. This allows fresh content to always feed into your uConnect platform, with no manual work required!

If you don't want all content pulled in from one of your integrations to be automatically featured on the front end of your platform, we can have the information sent to a pending bucket, like the example below, where you can select and approve specific content pulled in from the integration to display on the front end:

This workflow can be helpful if you'd like to sort through which posts are featured first, but requires slightly more manual work as an admin or staff member will need to sort through a pending bucket, locate what information they want to display, and be sure to click on a desired post, then hit the green 'publish' button when ready to take the information live.

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