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What is our job search directory module?
What is our job search directory module?

Learn how to embed job postings into your uConnect platform to help your stakeholders take the next step.

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uConnect has partnered with Lightcast to create a job search directory that allows your students to search for available job postings from across the web, all from within your virtual career center.

Built on job data sourced by Lightcast and gathered from thousands of public job listings across the web, our job search module returns results for students based on job title, skills, and topic keyword searches.

Users can set parameters for their search results, and choose to filter for:

  • Type of employment: regular job, or internship

  • Time commitment: full-time, or part-time

  • Location: select location by metropolitan area keyword search

  • Years of experience: from no experience, up to 40 years

  • Companies: select companies with a keyword search

  • Posting dates: from as recently as yesterday

  • Remote flexibility: select to only view jobs that are available remotely

The ability to search and apply to jobs from within your uConnect platform allows learners to take action and move forward on the career development path you've laid out for them with the resources in your virtual career center. Particularly for our partners that don't have an institutional job board, this module is the perfect complement to help your students secure a job post grad.

Interested in configuring the job search module on your platform? Submit a support request, we're here to help!

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