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Set up and manage your homepage event calendar
Set up and manage your homepage event calendar

Configure a calendar overlay to appear over your homepage banner image, and add optional filters to showcase specific events.

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Where does the homepage event calendar display?

You can setup and manage a homepage event calendar straight from your dashboard, that will appear as an overlay on the right-hand side of your homepage banner section.

Note: On mobile, it will display directly below the homepage banner.

How can I configure the event calendar overlay?

You can configure the homepage event calendar from your dashboard by following the instructions below:

  • Navigate to Customize > Front Page Settings

  • Set the Events Calendar in Hero Space dropdown to Yes

You can also choose to bring in events from a specific calendar in uConnect, to do so:

  • Set the Events Calendar dropdown to a specific calendar (by default, it will bring in events from all calendars)

Finally, you can choose to filter the events that appear in the calendar overlay by event category. This is a great option if you'd like to use this space to highlight featured events, rather than a running list of all upcoming events. To do so:

  • Expand the Events Category dropdown and check the boxes for the categories that you want to see appear in the calendar overlay

If you have questions, please submit a support request.

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