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Filter the external blog library by content provider
Filter the external blog library by content provider

Learn about the two ways to filter through content by source.

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We've built in two ways to filter through potential blog content within your external blog library. You can either:

  1. remove providers entirely, which will halt the import of articles from their site for all admin across your platform

  2. filter for certain providers temporarily while you look for content to publish, only affecting your workflow in the moment

Option 1: Remove a content provider entirely

We only recommend this option if you know that the topic of the blog will never be relevant for your visitors. If that's the case, follow the instructions below to remove it:

  • Navigate to Publish > Blog > Import External Blogs

  • In the top right hand corner, expand the Screen Options tab

  • Under the Active Sources list, uncheck any providers from which you no longer want to receive content

  • When you're finished, click Apply

You're all set! Your blog listings below will automatically update to remove any content associated with the unchecked sources.

Note: if you decide that you want to add a feed back in the future, you can do so by rechecking the box and hitting Apply again.

Option 2: Filter for a specific provider temporarily

This is the option we most commonly recommend, as it only affects your workflow in the moment, and doesn't change what any other admin see. You can easily toggle back and forth through providers this way. To filter content using this option, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to Publish > Blog > Import External Blogs

  • Expand the dropdown on the right-hand side of the screen labeled External Blog Sources

  • Select the content provider you want to look at, and the blog listing will update to exclusively show just the articles from that partner.

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