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What do the external blog library previews include?
What do the external blog library previews include?

Learn the ins-and-outs of filtering and sorting through published and reviewed content from your external blog library.

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What am I looking at?

When you first navigate to the external blog library (Publish > Blog > Import External Blogs), you're presented with a listing of potential blog content.

Below, we've broken down exactly what the blog listings tell you about each potential article:

  • Blog Post: this column shows you the blog title, as well as a quick preview of the blog content.

  • External Source: this column shows you which content provider the blog came from, and who the author is.

  • External Categories: this column shows you how the article was categorized by the content provider (to provide you with some context on what topics it covers).

  • Date: this column shows you the date the blog was imported into your external blog library.

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