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How do I ensure a blog post is assigned to a specific community or blog category?
How do I ensure a blog post is assigned to a specific community or blog category?

Read on to learn how to properly tag your blog posts so that they show up where you intend!

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By default, community pages are designed to automatically bring in content that has been tagged to them. To make sure your blog post shows up, you need to make sure of two things:

Tag the blog to the relevant community

  • Once you've finished drafting the blog, scroll down to the 'Communities' section of the blog editor

  • It's important when tagging any piece of content that you assign at least one Audience, Content Category, and Community to ensure that the content will publish properly

  • Locate the proper audience, content category, and community tags, and select them so that they turn blue

  • Once you're finished, click 'Publish'

If you've followed the steps above but the blog still isn't showing up, look to see:

  1. Is there a blog section on the community page, but this blog just isn't pulling in?

  2. Is there absolutely no blog content at all?

  3. Is there a 'Latest News' section that reads 'Not found' at the top of the community, right underneath the header image?

If your answer to number 1 is yes, go back and make sure you've tagged it to the proper community. Once you've double checked, submit a support request so that we can check the visibility settings of that blog widget.

If your answer to number 2 is yes, that means your community is not set to display blog content. You can change this by:

  • Navigating to 'Manage' > 'Communities' in the left-hand side bar of your dashboard

  • Locate the community and select 'edit'

  • Once your on the community editor screen, scroll down to the checkbox that reads 'Featured Articles' (blogs) and select it

  • Then, select the box that reads 'Horizontal Layout' only if you wish for the blogs to span the full-width of the community (if you leave it unchecked, the blogs will format in a vertical newsfeed layout)

  • Scroll down and click the green 'Update' button

If your answer to number 3 is yes, this means the blog has not been tagged correctly. Double check to make sure you've tagged it to the intended community, and if you're still experiencing trouble, submit a support request.

Assign a blog to particular blog category

The same rules outlined above apply to blog categories as well. Ensure that you're tagging the blog to the correct blog category in the 'Communities' tagging section of the blog editor screen. If you don't see the category that matches the type of blog your posting, you can create one for it by following the steps outlined in this article:

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