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Want to update your article? Learn how to edit your previously published posts here!

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Update an existing article

Sometimes you'll need to update a previously published article. Luckily, we've made it easy to constantly evolve your content! Starting on your dashboard homepage, follow these instructions to update an article:

  1. Expand the 'Publish' menu on the left-hand sidebar

  2. Select 'Blogs'

  3. Select the 'Published' option from the green sub menu bar (right underneath the 'Add New' blog button) to show only previously published posts

  4. Locate the blog you'd like

  5. Click on the title, or the edit button that pops up when you hover over it

  6. Once in the blog editor screen, update or add text, tags, titles, media, and more

  7. Once you're finished, select the green 'Update' button at the very bottom of the screen

  8. Your article has been updated!

To update an article with media

Follow steps 1-5 above, then:

  1. Select the button that reads 'Add Media' right above the text editor

  2. Choose from an image previously uploaded to your uConnect media library, or upload a new image from your computer

  3. Once the image has been uploaded, select the green 'Insert into Post' button

  4. Click and drag the image to move it around in the post, or click and pull on a corner of the image to resize it

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