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Learn how to delete outdated blog content from your platform with a few easy clicks.

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Remove a blog post in real time

If you've published a blog that you no longer want to have public on your platform, you can easily remove it, by following these steps:

  1. From your dashboard homepage, expand the left-hand 'Publish' menu

  2. Select 'Blogs'

  3. Select the green 'Published' submenu item at the top of the page to see only actively published blogs on your platform

  4. Locate the blog you want to remove

  5. Hover over it, and select the red 'Trash' text when it pops up

  6. All set, your blog post is now removed!

Note: Blog posts that are trashed will remain in the trash bin for a year until they are permanently deleted.

Schedule a blog post to be removed on a certain date

When you first publish a blog, if you know the content will only be relevant for a set amount of time, you can set an automatic 'archival' date which will automatically trash the blog for you as scheduled. Once your finished editing and tagging the blog post, follow these instructions to set it up for a 'timed' removal date:

  1. Scroll down to the 'Publish' section of the blog edit screen (right above the green publish button)

  2. Select 'Edit' next to the field that says 'Expiration: Never'

  3. Select the checkbox that reads 'Expire on:'

  4. Select the date you'd like the post to be trashed

  5. Click 'OK'

  6. You're all set to publish the blog!

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