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Publishing job posts is crucial in providing users with irresistible reasons to return to your platform.

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How are jobs added?

A basic profile must be completed for an employer before their jobs can be published. Once a basic profile has been made, jobs are added in two ways. The first way is to pull them directly from your CSM system through an integration set up during the onboarding process. The second way is to manually create them from the dashboard under an employer profile.

1. Pull jobs to your dashboard through your CSM integration:

Your CSM integration makes posting jobs seamless. Hover over Employers & Jobs in your lefthand navigation and select either Employers or Jobs.  Filter submissions by "Pending" status. This will take you to a list of all pending employers or jobs. All jobs that have been pulled automatically from your CSM will populate here. You can then select those you wish to publish to your site. 

2. Create jobs manually:

There are two ways for teams to manually create jobs in the dashboard. First, hover over Employer & Jobs, then select Jobs from the dropdown menu. From this page, select the Add New button at the top. Here, you'll be prompted to select an employer before filling out the job profile. Once you've selected an employer, you can fill out the required information and publish a job.

Additionally, teams can add a job by first hovering over Employers & Jobs, then selecting Employers from the drop down menu. Hover over an employer from the list, click Add New Job, then fill out the details of the job listing, including the job title, description, etc.

Note: Your uConnect platform will automatically remove job postings when the application deadlines expire.

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