Site visitors can use filters to locate specific resources, but you can also change the order of your resources so that certain ones always remain easily visible at the top of the resources page.

Reorder a resource:

  • Login to the dashboard

  • Click on the Publish tab in the left-hand side menu

  • Select Resources

  • Hover over the resource that you want to appear first on the resources page

  • Select Quick Edit

  • Change the number in the Order box to reflect the location you desire. The resources are calibrated in descending order. This means that the higher the number, the higher priority it will receive. Below is an image showing six resources that have been numbered six through one. You can see that top-left position, which is naturally the first resource that a user would be drawn to, is numbered the highest (six, in this case). If you want to arrange a greater number of resources than six, be sure to give the highest number to the resource intended for the top-left spot. 

NOTE: Setting an order for resources makes sure they show up on the right page, but not necessarily in the exact order on a given page.

Note: The default order for a resource is "0." When resources are left ordered "0," that means they will not appear in any specific order. Once you change the resource number to 1, 2, 3 etc., they will then be assigned to a corresponding position in descending order on the resources page going forward. Any resource left to the default number of 0 will appear randomly after those assigned with a specific position (1, 2, 3, etc.). 

  • Select Update after you've ordered the resources to your liking

  • Repeat for all additional resources you choose to reorder

  • Visit the resources page on your website and verify the order is correct

Note: Order of resources cannot be customized by the resource category. If you'd like to organize your resources by title, send a request to our Support Center at!

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