Review this checklist before we get started:

We’re excited to help you increase the quality and quantity of engagement with your employers. But before we do, here’s a quick checklist of prerequisites that will ensure your marketing campaign is as effective as possible:

Upload a user import list: 

Make sure that you’ve submitted your current employer contact list so that your emails and outreach campaigns will reach your entire audience! Not submitting your updated list can lead to oversight of new employer partners, and outdated information on current employers. We recommend updating this list at the start of every semester/quarter! You can upload your list here if you haven’t done so already. 

Integrate social sharing: 

Have you set up Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as social sharing options? This is a great way to engage with employers. If you’re publishing new content about your career center - you can automatically share it to Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button, increasing your exposure. If you haven’t set these up, or aren’t sure, reach out to and we can help get you set up. 

Set up auto emails: 

Have you set up automated emails? This feature sends out regular emails to your various audience groups based on the content in which they’re interested. This is a great way to maintain engagement with employers with minimal effort on your part!

Create an email signature: 

Have your entire career center staff include a link to your career center website within his/her email signature! This is an easy way to direct traffic to your platform to all of your correspondents. 

Start with content: 

Do you have content on your site? If you’re going to begin marketing and drawing employers to your career center website, it’s important that there’s a lot of great content for them to see when they arrive. A great way to curate content is through the Editorial Calendar! You can schedule faculty, staff, and student staff to post specific types of content so that the burden of keeping content updated doesn’t fall just on your shoulders. This also helps to diversify the voice of your career center, and keep things fresh. Watch this quick video if you need a refresher on using the Editorial Calendar. 

Don’t have time to create the content yourself?

Let the experts do the work for you. You can post blog content from our integrations with The Muse, WayUp, and Looksharp! These career service feeds all provide insightful information and new perspectives on important career center-related content, that will enhance your image to prospective and current employer partners. If you have questions about this, read this article.  

Let’s get going!

Finally, your career center resources are all in one central location, but how do you get the word out to employers? There’s so much to tell them about - new resources, opportunities to engage and interact with your students, ever-changing blog content and upcoming events - the list goes on! The question now, is how do you feed them this information in an organized and effective way? A killer marketing strategy, that’s how. 

Whether you’re a pro-marketer or just learning the ropes, it’s important to regroup and review your strategy before diving into a new marketing campaign. At uConnect, we’ve focused in on the three key components to creating a killer campaign:

  1. Who are you speaking to? In this case, we’re talking about employers as your target audience. Keeping your audience in mind is an important part to designing an effective marketing strategy, as it affects how, when, and what you say. 

  2. How are you reaching them? Email? Twitter? Instagram? You might find that some audiences are more easily engaged through different platforms. Employers, for instance, might be more inclined to open an e-mail than keep up with your Twitter feed. You could consider an email campaign to engage with them directly and direct them back to your website.

  3. What are you trying to tell them? You should have a clear message, and outcome that you’re trying to achieve through this marketing campaign. Is there an upcoming event you want them to know about? Do you want them to post content through the Guest Contributor Portal? Whatever the message, you should make it clear and bold so that employers can take actionable next steps. 

If you can answer these three questions as they pertain to each of the marketing plans in this section, before you create them, you’re guaranteed to create a concise and valuable campaign. 

Best Practices - Include Native Links: include native .edu links in all correspondences to increase search engine optimization and direct traffic to your site.

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