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Why integrate with Anthology (Campus Labs Engage)?
Why integrate with Anthology (Campus Labs Engage)?

Integrate events and student organizations straight into your uConnect platform for increased visibility and student engagement.

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How can an Anthology integration help our staff, students, and broader campus community?

An integration with Anthology allows you to automatically feed important organization and event content straight to your uConnect platform. It imports a number of important fields, including event and organization descriptions, contact and social information, club leaders, logos, and more. Importing this information makes it possible to drive meaningful engagement with organizations through uConnect, and embeds these experiences within the broader campus message of career preparedness and exploration. Most importantly, since uConnect is a public facing platform, the Anthology integration allows you to promote this valuable content to your entire stakeholder audience. Prospective students, parents, faculty, employers, and more can now have a look into some of the great opportunities awaiting students once they enroll.

What's more, is that this integration can be completely automated, saving your faculty and staff hours of time previously dedicated to creating and approving this content manually.

Here's how it works

With the Anthology integration, new events and organizations are pulled into uConnect via their REST API.

Imported Fields

For events, we can import the following fields:

  • event name

  • description

  • start date and time

  • end date and time

  • location

  • flyer URL

  • event URL, and

  • author name (event creator)

For organizations, we can import the following fields:

  • organization name

  • organization abbreviation / short name

  • description / summary

  • profile URL

  • external website URL

  • email for primary contact

  • profile image URL


For events, we can map categories in Anthology to your event categories in uConnect.

For organizations, we can map categories and types in Anthology to organization categories and communities in uConnect, respectively.

This level of mapping and organization ensures that an automated workflow can scale your customized support, by feeding organizations and events onto the relevant community pages, without any maintenance required from your team.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to approve which organizations and events are published to uConnect instead of having all of them showcased through the automated workflow, the uConnect team can configure your integration to pull new postings into a “pending section” of your dashboard. Here, your team can approve which events or organizations they’d like to feature and delete any remaining ones.

With either workflow, backend users can quickly sort through all events and organizations pulled in from your integration in one central place: the “Publish” section of your dashboard. This makes events and organizations easy to manage and edit.

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