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Learn how to clear your page cache to ensure anonymous visitors and logged in sessions are consistent

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Anonymous visitors versus logged in session views

To provide a better user experience, your uConnect platform pages are cached for up to two hours to serve them faster to visitors instead of regenerating them on every request which can take much longer. In other words, when information is added or removed from a Community or page, users will immediately see the change reflected if they are logged into uConnect, regardless of whether they’re on their mobile device or desktop. However, if a user logs out of their uConnect platform after making an update to a page or Community, the change will be reflected on the front end of the platform within two hours. In the meantime, a cached version of the page will likely appear while logged out, displaying an earlier version of a page/Community before the update was made.

Learn how to clear your page cache:

When an admin user clears the page cache it allows platform visitors to see the most up to date version of a page or Community’s content. To clear your page cache, follow these two steps below:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your uConnect platform, then locate a specific page or Community you’ve made edits to on the back end, and are looking to refresh

  2. From this page or Community, select the “Clear Page Cache” option in the top left corner of the screen, located next to the “Back to the Dashboard” button, as shown below:

Once the “Clear Page Cache” option is selected, a page or Community’s view will be the same whether you are logged in or out of your uConnect platform.

For more information or questions on how to clear your page cache, please contact

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