Instructions for integrating with SSO

Implement your institution's universal credentialing system to allow students and faculty to pass from one authenticated tool to the next.

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How to integrate with SSO

uConnect can configure your site with an authentication system to improve accessibility and convenience. We primarily support SAML2-based single sign-on but can support other configurations if needed. Alternate configurations will be subject to a technical review by the uConnect support team.

New Platform Setup

If you are setting up a new uConnect platform, an onboarding team member will connect you with uConnect technical support to handle the metadata exchange.

As part of our client DNS process, our final SP Metadata URL will change after we apply the branded domain settings, so we recommend handling the SSO configuration and testing immediately following our branded DNS process.

How to Update SSO

For existing customers who would like to learn more about setting up SSO for your platform or for customers who have an active SSO implementation that needs to be updated, please submit a support request with details on your request and we can help facilitate the next steps.

Standard SAML Attributes

UserID - Unique Identifier within our system

  • eduPersonPrincipalName - urn:oid:

Email - User email address

  • Mail - urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3

First Name - User’s preferred first name

  • Given Name - urn:oid:

Last Name - User’s last name

  • Surname - urn:oid:

SSO Testing

In most cases, testing is most easily accomplished by coordination between uConnect and an Identity/Security professional from the client's organization.

When additional troubleshooting is required, uConnect may request a test account to allow our technical personnel better access to diagnose technical configurations.

Please submit a support request with any questions.

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