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Private Resources Versus Password Protected Resources
Private Resources Versus Password Protected Resources

Learn the difference between private resources and password protected resources

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As you are adding resources to your uConnect resource library to enhance your career center's offerings, you have three 'resource visibility' options that you can pick from; public, private, and password protected.

To refresh your memory, here are the steps to add a resource:

  1. Login to the dashboard

  2. Click on the 'Publish' tab in the left-hand side menu

  3. Hover over Resources and select 'Add New'

After you are done adding all the relevant information for the resource and are ready to publish it, scroll down and you will see an eye icon as highlighted in red in the screenshot below where you are able to control your resources visibility.

  1. Public: this means that the resource you are publishing is an open access resource and is visible to anyone who visits your uConnect platform with no barrier to entry. Most of our client institutions publish all of their resources using the public visibility mode.

  2. Private: the resource is only visible to admin/staff users on the front-end of your uConnect platform. If you want to publish resources targeted only to your admin and staff uConnect members to improve your team's workflow, you can choose to publish a resource and set it to private mode and share the link of the resource with them.

  3. Password Protected: if you have top-secret content that you don't want visible to the public, you can easily add a password to the resource and protect it by selecting the 'password protected' option under Visibility. You will then be prompted to enter your desired password. This will be content that can be viewed by anyone who has the password set for that post, not necessarily only staff and admin uConnect users. Here's an article that goes into more depth on how to protect specific resources using a password.

If you are wondering what the status of your resource is in terms of visibility, look at the 'Status' section as highlighted in blue above.

Please feel free to reach out to us at here if you have any questions!

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