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Instructions for integrating with Firsthand
Instructions for integrating with Firsthand

Learn to directly and automatically import Firsthand advisors through our seamless integration.

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How to integrate with Firsthand

Integrating with Firsthand is easy! We only require a few pieces of information in order to set up the bridge:

  • Your Firsthand Domain (ie,

  • Your Firsthand API Key (you can reach out to your Firsthand rep to request this)

  • A Default Category (optional)

The "default category" will be applied to all of the advisors that are imported. You can select any of the values that show up in our "People Categories" admin screen.

If you're a new partner institution who's going through our onboarding process, submit these items through your customized Integration Implementation Form (linked in your Onboarding Overview).

If you're an existing client that's switched to Firsthand or if you have any questions, please submit a support request too.

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