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Learn about filters: 

You can tag any type of content on your platform (Jobs and Employers, Events, People, Resources, etc.), to specific Communities. Then, when users go to explore this content on your platform, they can select a filter for a specific Community, and view relevant content.

Adjust your Community tag categories:

If you want one category of Community tags (i.e. Career Community tags vs. Affinity Community tags) to appear ahead of the other in the filter options, you can do that by adjusting the 'Order' of the Parent Tag.

Parent Tags are the tags under which Communities are organized. For example, 'Career Communities' would be the Parent Tag for Communities like 'Healthcare' and 'Business and Finance.' 

To have all the Communities under one Parent Tag appear higher on your list of filters, you need to adjust the order of the Parent Tag by navigating to "Manage" > "Communities," and then searching for the name of the Parent Tag you wish to edit (if you need a refresher on what your parent tags are, you can see them all in green text at the top of your list of Communities). Select to edit the Parent Tag, and scroll down to the bottom where you'll see a box for 'Order'. 

Priority is highest when the order is 1, next highest when the order is 2, and so-on. All content has a default order of 0. 

Based on where in the list of filters you want that category of Communities to appear, choose an order number and hit save! 

View an example:

You can see it in action here (notice how Affinity Communities are originally above Career Communities, but after the order is updated, the order is switched). Note that the Content Category tags will always appear first (ie, Event Tags will be above Community Tags). 

If there are categories of Communities you'd like to include as filters for your content that aren't appearing on the front end, just send a message to and we can update your filter settings. 

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