Why integrate with Firsthand?
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Why integrate with Firsthand?

Integrating with Firsthand allows you to increase the visibility of your mentor network and establishes it as a key component in the broader career development journey for your students. This integration supports student success in many ways, by:

  1. providing them with an easily accessible network through which they can kick start their careers before graduation

  2. enabling easy access to a new range of perspectives, advice, and insight into various industries and careers

  3. and providing an additional layer of personal support to answer questions and dispel any concerns a student may have, outside of advising sessions

By showcasing mentor profiles within your career communities, you can help inspire students and encourage them to explore a wider range of career possibilities through unique personal perspectives. Often times, we find that students overlook these resources if they're hard to find or inaccessible. By centralizing your mentor network in one place alongside your other career resources, we make it easy for your students to connect with mentors and ask specific questions about jobs they want to pursue, employers they like the look of, or industries they're interested in. 

Here's how it works 

The Firsthand integration is easy to set up, and requires no maintenance to keep running! Through an API integration, we import your mentor network base into your uConnect dashboard. While we're importing your network, we can pre-tag any of your mentors based on mentor expertise, majors, or user type (as identified in Firsthand), to the relevant community in uConnect, making it easy for students to identify relevant mentors based on their career interests, alongside the rest of your career content. We'll walk through this process with you to make sure everything's set up correctly. 

At this time, we can also set up imported mentors to 'auto-publish' to the front end. This means, if you know you want to promote all your Healthcare mentors, we can have them automatically publish for you! If you want to sort through and only publish some of your Technology mentors, we can have those mentors fall into a 'pending' bucket for you. It's completely up to you, and we'll work with you to ensure we have the right set up for your institution. 

Interested in implementing an integration with Firsthand? If so, please submit a support request!

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