uConnect's interactive Outcome Data Visualization Tool (ODV) allows institutions to leverage the career outcome data that they collect from their students. Learn more about the different types of information you can display using uConnect's ODV tool in this article.

The main difference between a regular ODV implementation and an iframe code is where the ODV tool is located. 

A regular implementation means that the ODV tool is living in your uConnect platform and can be displayed in two different ways:

  1. As a standalone page in uConnect- We can add your ODV tool as its own page within your uConnect platform, linking the tool in your main navigation

  2. Through filtered communities in uConnect- We can display your ODV tool within your uConnect communities, filtering search results so they are relevant to their corresponding Communities (a business community can have our ODV tool display first destination data pertaining to business majors who attended your college or university).

The iframe code implementation of the Outcome Data Visualization means that you can embed the ODV tool on a website independent of uConnect using the iframe code that our developers have created.

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