Audience Communities are a broad category of users that will segment your list of Subscribers in uConnect: Students, Faculty & Staff, and Alumni are the basic Audience Communities, but we recommend adding others like 'Prospective Students' 'Families' and 'Employers', too. When a new user signs up in your uConnect platform, they will be required to pick an Audience Community. 

Identity/Affinity Communities are Communities for special populations such as LGBTQ+, Veterans, People of Color, and Women. You should select Identity/Affinity Communities based on the unique and diverse makeup of your student body. An example of what an Identity/Affinity Community looks like is below:

Affinity/Identity Communities are where students and community members who identify with that specific group can find and share resources, advice, and opportunities. Ensuring that students who are historically underserved have easy and ready access to resources, opportunities, and mentors and advisors is extremely important. Ensuring that these students are able to find a community of other students and community members who have similar experiences and/or backgrounds, should they want to, is also key to ensuring that these students are successful in school and beyond. 

You can see a great example of Identity/Affinity Communities here

To set up Identity/Affinity Communities, follow the same steps you you would to set up other kinds of Communities. For a refresher on how to do that, read this article.

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