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Learn to embed a form straight onto your page to make it easily accessible to users.

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You can either embed your form on an existing page within your site or generate a new page for the form.

Embed a form onto an existing page:

  1. In the dashboard, navigate to Publish > Pages, and select Edit for the Page on which you want to embed your form.

  2. Click the + button on the top left in the Block Editor once in the Page.

  3. Type 'Form' in the search window and click on the icon when it appears.

4. In the editor locate the Form Block just added, or use the List View with the three horizontal lines to locate the Form. The List View can be helpful to locate the Form Block if you are adding the Form to an existing Page that has many blocks on the page already. Select your form from the drop down display in the Form Block.

5. Click Preview to see how the form appears on the front-end.

6. Once you are happy with how the form appears on the front end click Update to Publish the page.

Generate a new page for your form:

  1. Under the Engage tab in the left-hand side menu, navigate to Forms.

  2. Select your form from the list by clicking the title of the form.

  3. Select Embed Form from the top menu.

  4. The title of the form will automatically carry over to title the Page, and then select Publish from the top right.

For additional help reach out to Support via the chat icon on the bottom right when logged in to the platform.

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