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Configure form confirmations
Configure form confirmations

Configure form confirmations to notify guests when their submissions are received.

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Confirmations take place after a user has submitted a form. At the most basic level, confirmations notify site users that their response has been received after completing their from submission.

To edit the confirmation for each form:

  1. In the dashboard navigate to Engage > Forms. Hover over 'Settings' under the title of the form and select Confirmations.

2. A default confirmation will be auto-populated for each form when created. You can edit this text by clicking 'Edit' under the 'Default Confirmation' title.

If you are simply notifying users of receipt, do not add a new confirmation message. You will need to edit the Default one. You'd only add new ones if you want to display different confirmation messages based on some conditional logics you set for the alternative confirmations, but if those conditional logics are not met then the default one will be used.

Here are the two additional options you have beyond simply notifying users of receipt:

  1. Based on their responses (conditional logic), redirect users to another page within your website

  2. Based on their responses (conditional logic), redirect users to a different website

These options are easy to configure and are located under Forms > the specific form > Settings > Confirmations > Add New

3. If you choose to create a New Confirmation that is based off conditional logic answers on the form, in this same section scroll down and fill out the fields under 'Conditional Logic'.

For additional help reach out to Support via the chat icon on the bottom right when logged in to the platform.

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