What is a dynamic feed?

Dynamic feeds are the default format for communities, where a feed of blogs, resources, and/or videos that have been tagged to a specific Community can be presented at the top of the Community in either a horizontal or vertical layout.
Dynamic feeds are perfect for displaying your content in real-time as it's published. 

For any new Community, Blog posts will by default be selected as the content type that displays in the dynamic feed, but you can also add videos and resources in this feed section.

For your dynamic feed, you can choose between a Vertical Layout:

Or a Horizontal Layout:

Update your dynamic feed:

  1. Under the Manage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, select Communities

  2. Locate the community that you wish to update and click Edit

  3. Scroll down to Featured Content to update your Dynamic Feed, as shown below:

4. Choose the types of content you'd like to appear in this feed (you can add resources and/or videos, as well as deselect all).

5. If you'd like to opt for the Horizontal Layout, check the Horizontal Layout box, as well

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