Customize your public profile

Edit your profile image, contact information, and more

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Career center staff are often featured on their platform's staff page with public profiles. Customize your public profile to reflect important information like office hours, your areas of expertise, and contact information! This will help stakeholders identify your role in the career center and make more informed choices when deciding to whom they should reach out. 

Customize your profile:

Edit your biographical info, appointment link, advising categories, and more by following the steps below.

  1. Select "Manage" in the left-hand side bar of the dashboard

  2. Hover over the "Users: tab

  3. Select "Your profile"

  4. Edit your profile as desired. You have the option to add your social media accounts, office hours, buttons to book appointments, tags to identify your areas of expertise, a brief description of yourself, and additional contact information. 

  5. Click "Update" at the bottom of page to save your changes

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