Check out our 'Image Sizing Guide': 

We've compiled a list of suggested image sizes and dimensions to make updating photos on your site easier. Refer to this as you make updates to your site.

  • Blog Post Featured Image:

Minimum Size: 480x320px (3:2)

  • Resources Logos:

Recommended Size: 100x100px

  • Resources Featured Image:

Minimum Size: 480x320px (3:2)

Minimum Width: 200px (no min length)

  • Employer Profile Page Header Image:

Minimum Size: 1220px (width) by 420px (height)
Recommended Size: 2000px (width) by 700px (height)

  • Static Career Community Content Block:

Recommended: Size: 400X150

  • User Profile Photos:

Recommended Size: 400X400

For the images in the staff page you should be sure to upload images with square dimensions.

  • Community Hero Images: 

Aspect ratio: 3:1 Minimum size: 2100x700px

The most important thing to note here is the aspect ratio. If your image is larger than the minimum size requirement, but doesn't fit the aspect ratio, parts of your image will still be cropped in order to fit the frame.

  • Home Page Banner:

Recommended Size: 1600x460px

  • People Content Type Featured Image:

Minimum Size: 480x320px

  • Event Featured Image:

Minimum Size: 480x320px

  • Classes Featured Image:

Minimum Size: 480x320px

  • Organizations Logo:

Recommended Size: 400x400px

  • Organizations Header Image:

Minimum Size: 1200x400px

Recommended Size: 2100x700px

  • Experiences Logo:

Recommended Size: 400x400px

  • Experiences Header Image:

Minimum size: 1200x400px

Recommended Size: 2100x700px

  • Videos Thumbnail Image:

Recommended size: 800x450px (16:9)

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