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Crop, resize, and scale images
Crop, resize, and scale images

Utilize in-house tools from the dashboard to resize and adjust images to your specifications.

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Resize images:

  1. Upload a new image or choose one from your media library

  2. Select Edit Image

  3. In Edit Mode, there are two options for adjusting the size of your photo: scale, or crop. 

Scale an image: 

Adjust the dimensions by scaling the image, as seen in the top right corner next to the photo. Type in the new height and width, and update the image when finished.

Crop an image: 

Click and drag your cursor over the photo to highlight the desired area of the photo. Lock the shape and ratio of your cropping tool by inputting an aspect ratio to the right and holding down Shift while using your cropping tool. Once you have set the desired crop, select the Crop tool in the left top corner to apply it to the image.

Note: Once the image is updated, the dimensions displayed underneath the image thumbnail won't automatically update. They will update when the page is refreshed.

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