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Publish a unique blog post:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Publish > Blog > Add New

  2. Give your post a title and body of content

  3. Add a thumbnail image

  4. Tag relevant audiences and pages

  5. Click Publish

Enhance your post with media:

The dashboard gives you access to media management tools that allow you to enhance the quality of your post with images, videos, gifs and emojis.

  • Add a video to your post by copying and pasting a link from Youtube or Vimeo

  • Upload a featured image to capture readers' attention and get more views

Publish a blog from the external blog library:

If you don't have time to create your own blog content, or if you want to leverage the expert content partners we've curated for you, navigate to the External Posts section of Publish > Blogs. From there, you can search by keyword or filter by provider, select 'Import Blog Post,' tag and publish!


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