Manage event RSVPs

Whether you track RSVPs internally or externally, doing so can offer valuable data on your event attendance.

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Track RSVPs: 

You can select to track event RSVPs one of two ways:

  • Internally

  • Externally

External RSVP tracking: 

External tracking uses your CSM (Symplicity, Gradleaders, Handshake, etc.) to monitor a list of your attendees. It requires a URL to your CSM.

To enable an external RSVP, select the External RSVP button. This will generate a button on the event page that redirects students (or other site visitors) to the same event listing within your CSM. 

Simply determine the text for the button (default is "Click here to attend") and the URL destination, and you're good to go.

Internal RSVP tracking:

To enable internal RSVPs, select the Internal RSVP button. To RSVP through the internal system, attendees are required to input their contact information. You have the option to show a list of confirmed attendees right on the page, or to display only the number of confirmed attendees without names.

Explore tips on how to track internal RSVPs:

To monitor the number of RSVPs for a given event, or to print a list of attendees, navigate to your event list, hover over the event, and select RSVPs. From here, you can choose to email the attendees directly or, if they confirmed through LinkedIn, you can click to view their profiles.

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