If you’re looking for a way to direct more traffic to a specific resource or job board, you’re in luck! 

Button widgets are one way to do so, granting users easy access to a particular link or resource. Button widgets are often located in the header of a platform’s homepage, differing from other widgets since they are visible on any page. See the below image for an example of our header button widget feature.

Button widgets also often include a URL that links to a specific institution’s job board. Incorporating buttons into your uConnect platform is important because it increases the visibility of content that plays a crucial role in career advancement (like your job board!). The example below shows how one client chose to add a button linking to their institutional job board.

Other resources, including resume building guides and links for scheduling advising appointments, can also be showcased using a button widget! This adds an additional layer of support for your students and broader community, bringing forth all your valuable content front and center! 

Another kind of widget, a sidebar button widget, can be added to a specific community page (displaying only on that one page, and differing from how header widgets are featured on all pages). Here’s an example of what the sidebar button widget looks like below:

To enable a button widget that directs users to your CSM or particular resource, contact support@gouconnect.com today! 

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