You now have the option to display the tags associated with a specific event, on event landing pages. The tags displayed on the event include event categories, communities, resource categories, and any other community tag you use in your uConnect platform. The only tags that will not be displayed are the audience tag.

Displaying tags on your events will increase and diversify an event's RSVPs! As a potential attendee, I can learn about other communities affiliated with the event that I am planning on attending by looking at the tags displayed on the event. Utilizing uConnect's tag feature on events will make visitors more aware of the type of content you offer your users and the communities and audience your content is tailored towards. This will engage more people with your platform and allow you to engage more people with the great content you offer tailored to your different audiences, ranging from students, to employers, alumni, parents, prospective students, faculty, and community experts!

If you choose to utilize uConnect's event tag feature, contact and our support team will set this up for you!

This is how the tags will be displayed on your events! The tags can range from industry communities, resource categories, event categories, and any other community you use in your uConnect platform!

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