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Add events to an organization's page
Add events to an organization's page

Use uConnect to spread the word about events your club is hosting or events related to your organization

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uConnect allows you to showcase events on your organization's page, making your platform the central hub for students to find events they're interested in and relevant to their career goals!

Step 1
If you'd like to feature an event created by another party on your organization's page because you think it is relevant to your organization's mission, hover over to the 'Events' page on your platform's dashboard as highlighted below:

Step 2
On the 'Manage Events' page, search for the Event you are interested in featuring on your organization's page and click on 'Edit':

Step 4
While you are editing the event, scroll down to 'Tags and Categories' and make sure to tag your organization under 'Organizations', as highlighted below. Tagging your organization ensures that the event will appear on your organization's page

Step 5
If you want to showcase an event on your organization's page, but it is not yet created, create the event and follow step 4 to ensure that the event appears on your organization's page. If you need a refresher on how to create events, please refer to this article

Congrats! You just learned how to showcase events on your organization's page and increase student engagement!

If the events don't automatically show up on your organization's page, please submit a support request.

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