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Add sponsors to an organization's page
Add sponsors to an organization's page

Add sponsors on an organization's page

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Learn how to feature sponsors in an organization's page to strengthen student engagement and connect students to the right employers and employers who match their interests! 

Step 1
Go to your platform's dashboard and navigate to Publish>Employers

Step 2
Search Employers' on the top right of the Employer's page as highlighted below to see if the employer is already featured on your platform. If not, navigate to '+Add New' and fill all required fields, most importantly steps 3 & 4.

Step 3
If the Employer is already featured on your platform, press on 'Edit'  

Step 4
Check yes for 'Is Sponsor/Partner?' as shown below.

Step 4
Under 'Select tags to ensure your content finds the right users', scroll down to Organizations and tag the organization you would like that specific employer to be featured on their main page!

Congrats! You just learned how to add a list of sponsors to an organization's page! 

If sponsors don’t automatically show up on your organization page, please submit a support request.

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