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Instructions for integrating with Anthology (Campus Labs Engage)
Instructions for integrating with Anthology (Campus Labs Engage)

Learn how to set up a seamless integration to pull organizations and events from Anthology (Campus Labs Engage) into your uConnect platform.

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How to integrate with Anthology (Campus Labs Engage)

Reach out to us if you'd like to add the Anthology integration. We will email to obtain the following information. Here are details of what we will be asking for, copying you on the email.

  • The API Key (Private Key) for Events and Organizations

    • We only need a 'live key'.

    • We only need "GET" permissions (read only) for Events and Organizations.

  • Your Campus Labs Domain (ie

The "Calendar" is used when importing events from CampusLabs, it will let us know which uConnect calendar you want the events to appear on.

Once we've configured the bridge with these credentials, we'll reach out to you to map the custom categories in Anthology to your uConnect categories and communities.

Once the mapping is configured, we'll activate the sync, and you'll begin to see your orgs and events update both on your front-end, and in the admin dashboard. At this point, you're all set!

If you have questions, please submit a support request!

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