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All the basics on using the People content type

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The People content type is designed to promote mentors and advisors who can become vital figures in a student's professional journey. 

As with all things uConnect, tags will automatically pull each mentor onto the right community pages, allow users to filter the full range of People published to your platform, and indicate a particular mentor's expertise and areas of interest. 

You can add and edit People under Publish > People in your dashboard. Add information about each person, including a bio, image, job title, and links to their profiles on other platforms such as LinkedIn. Then tag the mentor with the appropriate tags, and hit publish! 

People information can show up in a few different ways: 

  • On a stand-alone profile page (automatically generated) 

  • On the 'People' landing page, where all People will appear and can be filtered (automatically generated) 

  • In either a sidebar widget or a horizontal widget on any Community or page you choose! (just reach out to us at support@gouconnect to set up!)

The People content type was designed for seamless integration with campus mentor tools, such as PeopleGrove or Graduway.  If you don't have a mentor tool or have one but choose not to integrate with it, however, People can be added manually as well.

If you're interested in learning more about integrating with your mentor tool, or have any questions about the new People content type, please reach out to us to learn more.

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