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Add hyperlinks to images in custom emails
Add hyperlinks to images in custom emails

Create custom calls to action in emails by adding hyperlinks to images or photos

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Adding hyperlinks to images in custom emails is super easy. You can follow these directions for adding image hyperlinks.

1. Open up the email you wish to add a hyperlinked image to, by navigating to Engage>Emails, and selecting one to edit. 

2. Scroll to where you add body text for your email, and click 'Add Media.'

3. Upload your image, or find it in your Media Library and insert.

4. Once the image has been added, click the image and you'll see a small pop-up. Click the pencil icon in the pop-up.

5. You'll be brought to an edit screen. Click the drop-down that says 'Link to' and select Custom URL. 

6. In the box that appears, add the URL you want the image to link to.

7. Don't forget to save!

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