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Customize the excerpt text on your blog posts
Customize the excerpt text on your blog posts

Learn how to set a custom preview for each of your blog posts to encourage user engagement.

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What is the blog excerpt?

Each blog post you publish provides you with the option to edit the excerpt text. If an excerpt isn't included, the platform will automatically pull in the first few lines of the blog as a preview to readers, as pictured below:

While the preview does default to showcasing the first few lines of the blog, you can actually edit this space to include any text you like!

How to edit the excerpt to customize a blog preview

  • Navigate to the 'Publish' section of the left-hand sidebar in the admin dashboard

  • Select 'Blogs'

  • Locate the blog for which you want to edit the excerpt, and select 'Edit'

  • Once you're on the edit screen for the individual blog, make sure you have the right settings enabled to view the excerpt editing space. To check, select the grey 'Screen Options' tab from the upper right hand corner to expand settings list. If it's not already selected, click 'Excerpt'. Your updated setting is automatically saved.  

  • Now, scroll down the page to the section that says 'Excerpt' and input the desired message. 

  • Click 'Publish' when you're ready!

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