Why integrate with Handshake?

Pull in job, employer, career fair, and event content from your Handshake instance right onto your uConnect platform.

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Why integrate with Handshake?

Integrating with Handshake makes it easy to promote your valuable job and event content within the context of your other important career resources, to your entire range of key stakeholders. 

Publishing Handshake content on your uConnect platform increases visibility across the board, by bringing your valuable content out from behind authentication. Now, you can share your employer partnerships, job opportunities, and upcoming events with everyone who's interested and influenced by the work you're doing, in addition to students! Prospective students can see possible career pathways, parents can see the opportunities available for their children, faculty can recommend events and internships for students - the list goes on!

Integrating with Handshake also helps to streamline your workflow as an administrator of the uConnect platform. Rather than manually creating jobs, employers, and events in uConnect and ultimately duplicating your work, this integration creates all the content for you by syncing with your Handshake instance!

What's even better? Integrating with your institutional job board is completely free. 

Here's how it works

The bridge from Handshake to uConnect uses RSS Feeds to pull in your content. You can start by simply creating one general feed for jobs, and one for events; or, you can create feeds specific to industry or event and job type. 

Each feed you create will sync every 24 hours at 6 a.m. Each posting's title, description, link, and start and end dates will be brought over. 

(If a posting's title or start and end dates are changed in Handshake, the integration will update the posting in uConnect, even if it's already published. This ensures you're always promoting the most accurate information to your stakeholders!)

If you choose to create more specific feeds, we can set these up so that the content they bring over automatically gets tagged to a relevant uConnect community. For instance, if you create a feed for jobs in Finance, we can have any job brought over in that feed automatically tagged to your Finance community in uConnect. This makes it even easier for you to promote your content to the right users, quickly!

For both jobs and events feeds, there are two different workflows we can support:

  • Pull Content into a 'Pending' List: This workflow will direct any content brought over in your feeds into a 'Pending' list in either your Jobs, Employers, or Events section of your dashboard. This gives you and your team the opportunity to sort through and publish only the jobs you want, while making any desired edits. (Bonus: if you set up the feed to have your content pre-tagged, you can use those communities as filters in the 'Pending' section to quickly select a few pieces of content from each community.)

  • Automatically Publish Content to the Front-End: If you prefer a more automated approach, we can set up these feeds to automatically publish any content pulled in to your public-facing front-end. This means there's no continued maintenance to keep pumping out fresh content for your users - it's always there! As always, you can still edit a published job or event to add in any extra details. This is an especially great option for small teams who could use an extra set of hands!

Follow these instructions from Handshake to learn how to setup those feeds. 

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