Why integrate with Symplicity?

Automate the import of your jobs, employers, and events to create a streamlined workflow for you and your staff.

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Why integrate with Symplicity?

If your institution uses Symplicity, setting up an integration is a crucial step to automating the workflow for your and your team. Gone are the days of manually recreating your high value events and job opportunities! This integration makes it simple to promote job, event, and employer content by automating the import of information straight into your uConnect dashboard. 

From your uConnect dashboard, you can now swiftly sort through your Symplicity content and publish what you want and ignore what you don't. Publishing job and event content on your uConnect platform increases it's visibility by promoting it alongside your other valuable career resources. 

Most importantly, this integration allows you to promote your valuable Symplicity content to your entire stakeholder audience. Your uConnect platform is open-facing, meaning that prospective students, parents, faculty, and other key stakeholders can now see the valuable content that was once hidden behind Symplicity's authentication. 

What's even better? Integrating with your institutional job board is completely free. 

Here's how it works

First, you'll create an admin account for uConnect on your Symplicity instance with the following credentials:

Please make sure that the account is given Student Web API Access. This ensures we can generate the necessary reports. 

After the account is set up, let us know what type of information you'd like to bring in, chosen from the following

  • Jobs

  • Workshops

  • Info Sessions

We'll create individual reports for each type of content, and plug them into your uConnect dashboard. We'll set up the import to automatically sync new content every 24 hours. Each posting’s title, description, link, and start and end dates will be brought over if selected, but all is editable once in uConnect! Content from your feeds is pulled into 'Pending' status on your uConnect dashboard. 

Voila! Review what’s pending, select additional audience and topic tags if you’d like, and hit 'Publish'.

Have questions? Ready to integrate your Symplicity credentials? Please submit your Symplicity integration information to this form and we will follow up about next steps!

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