Set up Sponsorship Categories

Sponsorship Categories organize your employer partners into specific tiers.

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What are Sponsorship Categories?

Sponsorship Categories allow you to organize employer partners into a tiered hierarchy to distinguish each partnership level. It's important to create this distinction to showcase these valuable corporate connections to platform users, and recognize what makes each relationship so special to your department.

Here's an example of a tiered sponsors page:

Note that any sponsors not tagged to a specific Sponsor Category will appear in a separate section on your sponsors page, below the identified tiers.

Set up Sponsor Categories:

Interested in creating your own Sponsor Categories? Follow these steps to do so:

From the sidebar of your Dashboard, navigate to Manage, Content Categories, then Sponsor Categories.

From here, simply click "Add New," enter the name of your Sponsor Category, and you're all set! You can add as many as you'd like, there's no limit.

How to customize the order in which your Sponsor Categories appear:

To determine the order in which your Sponsor Categories appear on your platform's sponsors page, follow these steps:

From the Sponsor Categories page, hover over the desired Category, and click Quick Edit. Enter the numbered order you'd like to see the Category on your Sponsors page. Note that the Category tagged as "1" will appear first, "2" will appear second, and so on.

Tag an employer partner to a specific Sponsor Category:

Now that you've established your Sponsor Categories, time to add your sponsors to their specific tiers.

From your Dashboard, navigate to Publish > Employers & Jobs > Sponsors.

Next, select the desired employer.  Scroll down to the "Tags" section, navigate to the "Sponsor Categories" field, and simply select the determined tier.

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