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Create a special call-to-action for your most valued resource
Create a special call-to-action for your most valued resource

Want to highlight one resource above all else? Let us create a custom CTA!

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Did you just create a high-value resource for your students? Maybe you just partnered with a new student success tool that you're looking to promote. Either way, our bold and engaging call-to-action (CTA) banners are a great tool to emphasize your new content.

Our call-to-action banners include: 

  • a title for the resource your highlighting, 

  • an (optional) image to indicate the content of the resource

  • a description of what's included in the resource

  • a link to the resource itself

Here's an example of what a Resource CTA Banner looks like, compared to the regular Resources widget within a community:

Resource CTA banners promote accessibility and visibility with key resources that you want to ensure reach your users.  

If you're interested in implementing a Resource CTA Banner on any of your community or custom pages, please submit a support request with the components listed above and the page you'd like it to appear on. We'll be happy to set it up for you!

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