How do I add resources?

Career education resources stand at the core of your career center's offering. Learn how to add internal and external resources.

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The resources page is a great place to store different types of resources. Resources can be classified as internal (uploaded documents or files) or external (links to other helpful websites). Your students can browse, search and use filters to find the content they need. Centralizing your resources in once place simplifies access for students and other stakeholders and streamlines marketing for your team. 

Add a resource:

  1. Login to the dashboard

  2. Click on the Publish tab in the left-hand side menu

  3. Hover over Resources and select Add New

  4. Enter your resource title and description so users can easily locate what they are are looking for 

  5. Select whether it is an internal or external resource. Note: Internal means you will upload a file and the resource will live within your website. An External resource is one that does not live within your career services website. You will add a URL to the page and when a user clicks on the resource listed on your website a new window displaying the linked URL will open.

  6. Add a logo with an official symbol/design to help platform visitors easily recognize a resource, rather than an image of a building, staff member, etc. The logo must have a a minimum width of 470px for the image.

  7. Add a featured image to help brand your resource. Featured images differ from logos since they are not an organizations designated design. The recommended size for featured resources is 480 x320 px.

  8. Tag your resource appropriately so users can filter and search easily

  9. Preview and click Publish when ready

Add an internal resource:

Add an external resource:

Note: The option 'Hide on Resources Page' will hide a resource on the Resources page, but the resource will still show up on the Resources Panel on Career Community pages.

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